Hi! I am Bakshree Mishra and I am a 2nd year PhD Candidate in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. My primary area of interest is in computer architecture for next-gen algorithms and computations, and I work under the supervision of Prof. Sarita Adve.

Prior to this, I worked as a Machine Learning Engineer + IP Logic Design Engineer at Intel, where I worked on analyzing ML algorithms and accelerating them in hardware. I have created custom architectures for CNNs as well as traditional ML classifiers, as well as created a Context Aware Voice/NLP agent. On the hardware side, I have owned and designed modules going into both FPGA and SOCs.

I completed my undergrad at College of Engineering and Technology, Bhubaneswar and my Masters from National Institute of Technology, Rourkela, majoring in Computer Science. My Masters research on Real-time computer vision-based Pedestrian Detection Systems was conducted under the supervision of Prof. Bansidhar Majhi.


Nov 2022: I passed my oral Qualifying Examinations Fall '22! Many thanks to my advisor and my colleagues in my lab and research group for their guidance and support!
Sep 2022: I was listed among Teachers Ranked as Excellent for my stint as a TA for CS225 (Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithms with C++). Thank you!
Jun 2022: Our patent application on "Graph Reordering and Tiling Techniques", filed along with my amazing colleagues+co-inventors at Intel, Bangalore, got published! [Pub. No. US202/015632A1]
May 2022: Attended the ADA Symposium 2022 at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.
Apr 2022: Attended the Grad Cohort - Women workshop organized by Computing Research Association, where I got to interact with peers and leaders in Computer Science Research.
Aug 2021: August 4th was my last day at Intel, Bangalore. Thank you for a great learning experience! Also excited to share that I will be joining the University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign later this month to pursue a PhD in Computer Science!
Jun 2021: Filed two patents applications with co-inventors at Intel! Pub.Nos.: US2021/0319022A1 and US2021/031832A1
Apr 2021: Presented poster and paper at Intel HSPE Techbuzz '21 (Intel-internal conference), and won best paper in track! Thank you!
Jan 2021: Was awarded Prolific Innovator Award (Intel Division Recognition Award) at Intel HSPE TechBuzz Q1 '21. Thank you!
Dec 2020: Named as one of the Top 50 Intel India employee volunteers of 2019! Thank you!
Dec 2019: Received Intel Departmental Recognition Award for category Spirit of HSPE! Thank you!
Nov 2019: Paper on our work on hardware acceleration of ML and CV algorithms got accepted at EAI Endorsed Transactions on Cloud Systems! [Paper]
Sep 2019: Presented our paper on "Edge Acceleration of Computer Vision and Deep Learning Algorithms on the Edge using OpenCL" at IEEE WinTechCon 2019, Bangalore! Talk slides can be found here.
Jun 2019: Received Intel Departmental Recognition Award for my contributions to setting up demos at Customer Experience Center at Intel Bangalore. Thank you!
May 2019: Presented live demonstration of our work on custom accelerators for machine learning algorithms at Intel DTTC 2019 at Portland, OR!
Apr 2019: Two papers and a live demo were selected for Intel Design & Test Technology Conference (DTTC) 2019. I will be traveling to Portland, Oregon, to present our demo!
Jun 2017: Won 2nd runners' up in Intel India WIN Hackathon on Inclusion Day with our solution to help the visually challenged: NAINA - Alarm Identification and Navigation Aid. Thank you!
Jun 2017: Joined Intel as Machine Learning Engineer.
May 2017: End of internship at Intel and culmination of my Master's study at NIT Rourkela. My thesis was titled "Real-Time Pedestrian Detection System Using OpenCL-Based FPGA Acceleration".
May 2016: Moved to Bangalore and joined Intel as Graduate Technical Intern to conduct research on hardware exploration of compute intensive algorithms
Jul 2015: Joined NIT Rourkela for Master's studies, advised by Prof. Bansidhar Majhi